In past years we would design homes so that the owner could live in the house for up to five years, accumulate some value in the property and sell the home for a profit only to start the cycle again. This cycle has slowed down if not stopped. To me this means we have to change our way of designing a home. Now we are designing a custom home for the long haul. Our clients don’t plan on moving again. They want to be comfortable but they don’t need 4,000-8,000 square feet anymore. Energy costs are going up fast and the larger inefficient homes aren’t going to be desirable anymore. We are seeing a complete market shift forced by lifestyle changes. Will it cycle out? Maybe. But the recent economic downturn has taught us all how to make the dollar stretch a little more.

We also hear this term “Green” everywhere. Whether it’s flooring, paints, windows, homes, cleaners, automobiles, newspapers, office buildings, etc. What does it really mean? It probably means something different to everyone.

There is no doubt that some aspects or items involved in the construction of an “green” home will be more expensive. However, cost itself usually is not the main reason why most people decide to build an environmentally friendly home in the first place.

Kevin Holdridge is a residential designer in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a member of the American Institute of Building Designers, among other organizations, and owns his own residential design firm, KDH Residential Designs. Here, he shares his knowledge about how having a certified green home will impact your resale price.

A federal law has been passed requiring builders to be lead paint renovation certified before commencing any work to be done on a pre-1978 renovation. This law took effect nation wide as of April 22, 2010.

Green Building means something different to everyone you ask about the subject. I have listened to a lot of people that perceive themselves as the foremost experts in the field. I have spent countless hours in Green Building classes and Green Builder Council meetings. I have read a number of books on Green Building and related subjects. I have received my Certified Green Professional certificate.

What part of your home doesn’t work for you? How many times have you piled your guest’s coats on the bed or walked by the formal living room that you never go into?

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